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“I think Montreal is done collecting picks and prospects” – Darren Dreger
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As you know, the trade deadline is just two days away. The Habs are mentioned in some of the rumours, but will they be able to trade some of the pieces that are potentially available?

Will they be persuaded to let some of the pieces go?

In just over 50 hours, we’ll have the answers to our questions. In the meantime, we’ll see how Kent Hughes, a GM who likes to move, will work to improve the club in the long term.

The thing to keep in mind about the Habs is that, ultimately, we know that young defensemen will be traded, to make room for those who are growing and to maximize the club’s bank of prospects on the blue line.

But will it happen this week? Not necessarily.

In any case, Darren Dreger told TSN 690 that he hadn’t heard any rumors that the Habs might trade a young defenseman this week.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but it’s still a good clue.

But in all of this, there was one sentence uttered by the informant that is, in my opinion, quite revealing of what’s to come for the Montreal Canadiens.

Which is it?

I think Montreal is done collecting picks and prospects. – Darren Dreger

Basically, what he means is that the Habs might not want to, say, let Jake Allen go for a cheap seventh-round pick just to make room.

This is consistent with reports that Hughes is the kind of GM who sets a price and doesn’t deviate from it. It also fits with the fact that the GM, in Allen’s case, isn’t afraid to finish the season with three goalies.

Speaking of Allen, one has to wonder if the Devils and Avalanche are options.

Does this mean the Habs won’t trade any current players for a pick or a prospect? No, that’s not what it means when you analyze Dreger’s comments.

It means that the guys won’t be traded at any price.

More importantly, in my opinion, it means that the next step (whether it’s in March or this summer) is to take these young players and prospects and go after the next Kirby Dach or Alex Newhook.

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