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David Savard is worth a first-round pick to the Leafs, says Toronto journalist
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Earlier today, the Flyers sent Sean Walker to the Avalanche for Ryan Johansen’s first-round pick. This transaction gives us an idea of David Savard’s potential value, but also shows how thin the market for right-handed defensemen has become. Very thin.

Will Kent Hughes be able to take advantage of a panicked general manager by Friday? That’s yet to be determined, but in the meantime, the defenseman’s value continues to rise.

According to TSN Toronto reporter Bryan Hayes, Savard’s value to the eyes would be a first-round pick. The considerations are his contract, his experience, his Cup win and the fact that he’s right-handed.

The Leafs know they can count on a player like Savard to make the playoffs. That’s not yet certain for defenseman Timothy Liljegren.

One has to wonder if the Leafs would make such an offer and if the Habs would accept.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman echoed the Leafs’ needs. Not surprisingly, he also mentioned that they’re looking for a right-handed defenseman and a deep forward.

A first-round pick is nice, but David Savard’s contribution to the team’s youth may be worth even more in a long rebuilding process.

What’s more, Savard wants to stay in Montreal. He accepts his role and knows that, one day, the youngsters will chase him out of Montreal. Why let him go if the offer isn’t outrageous?

With all the movement since this morning, the trade deadline is shaping up to be a quiet one, but Savard’s name could circulate until the very end and make things exciting.

In gusto

– Pacioretty will have his pick.

– He’ll have to go through the waivers.

– The Rocket in action.

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