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Rumor: a (big) deal involving Jake Guentzel, Jake DeBrusk and Elias Lindholm
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There’s a lot going on in the trading market today. Will we have any stock left for Friday? #Specials #Articles

There are a lot of rumors surfacing today. Some of them are interesting… including this one, which was introduced by Kevin Weekes in the last few minutes.

Basically, he’s talking about the fact that Jake DeBrusk, Jake Guenztel and Elias Lindholm (all at the end of their contracts, by the way) could all be involved in the same transaction.

We’ve known for a while that this was a possibility, sinceyesterday Chris Johnston talked about the fact that the Canucks, who really want Jake Guentzel, could let Elias Lindholm leave for Boston to make it happen.

And now it’s clear that Pittsburgh would get its money’s worth from DeBrusk.

For Vancouver, it would be special to let Lindholm go a few weeks after his acquisition, but we agree that Guentzel is quite a player. Even if Vancouver loses a center for a winger.

The club wouldn’t save any money (Guentzel is $6M and Lindholm is $4.85M), but we understand why it would be done.

For the Bruins? Letting DeBrusk, a $4M winger, go for Lindholm is also understandable. The club (sorely) needs a good center, and to receive, you have to give.

But the Penguins? One imagines that Sidney Crosby’s club would be compensated by something other than the player alone, and that a good choice – at the very least – would also come with it.

But is it worth sticking our noses into the matter? Would potentially withholding salary help increase the return? Perhaps, yes.

Let’s just say it’ll take more to see where such a deal would go.


Kyle Dubas, a new kid on the block in Pittsburgh, can’t put his captain in a nice shotgun by trading his boy AND not get much in return. He knows what he’s doing.

But I can’t wait for the full picture.

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