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Here’s what might be holding teams back in the David Savard dossier
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David Savard is a big deal in Montreal, and everyone knows it. His style of play, the leadership he brings and the shots he blocks make him an important defender in town.

But how important is he to other teams?

I’m not saying that other teams don’t want him, because that’s not the case: he’s definitely being discussed in the NHL. His 2021 ring in Tampa Bay also proves his importance.

But the question I have is this: is his best value in Montreal? Can Kent Hughes, who didn’t put the Quebecer in the showcase, get as much in a deal as he brings to the Habs?

We’ll have the answer by Friday.

What’s important to note is that other teams, when negotiating with Kent Hughes, will try to counterbalance the defenseman’s (many) qualities by pointing out his shortcomings, in order to lower the price.

And in this regard, according to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, teams that play with a lot of tempo are wondering how much Savard, who isn’t the fastest of the lot, can keep up.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean he’s not useful to a team.

But as Arpon Basu (The Athletic) noted this morning, Savard played an average of 14:07 per game in Tampa Bay’s 2021 playoffs. He was on a third pair and didn’t get much time on special units. He played less than 10 minutes in his last game in Florida…

Again: this doesn’t mean it won’t be valuable. What it does mean is that the clubs that want to go after him will tell Kent Hughes that he’s offering a first-pair defenseman in Montreal, but not with a good team.

That said, if that happens and he doesn’t get his price, Hughes will simply keep his veteran. The Habs GM won’t be offended if he doesn’t get a good price.

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