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Five hopefuls drafted after David Reinbacher ranked higher by Scott Wheeler
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The NHL draft is generating a lot of interest, but it’s also raising a lot of questions about the future of the prospects selected by each team.

As we all know, the draft is a bit of a game of chance, combined with the work of scouts trying to scout the best prospect for each pick.

It’s expected that the best prospects in the draft will be selected in the early rounds, but there are also plenty of surprises in the later rounds.

In 2023, the Montreal Canadiens set their sights on David Reinbacher at fifth overall.

This choice generated a lot of criticism from many fans, as it was a draft well stocked with quality attacking prospects, and the Habs have a crucial need at this level.

Instead, Kent Hughes decided to pick the best defenseman of the draft. But is he really?

According to Scott Wheeler’s (The Athletic) ranking of the top 75 prospects drafted, Axel Sandin Pellikka, a Swedish defenseman selected 17th in 2023, is ahead of Reinbacher.

There are also four prospects drafted after Reinbacher in the 2023 auction who are ahead of the Austrian defenseman in this same ranking:

It’s fair to say there’s reason to be frustrated by Hughes’ selection in fifth place with this ranking.

Reinbacher is ranked 25th by The Athletic and ahead of him are prospects Matvei Michkov, Ryan Leonard, Gabe Perreault, Zach Benson and Sandin Pellikka. They were all passed over by the Canadiens in the 2023 draft.

Personally, I think the rankings don’t really reflect reality, at least in Reinbacher’s case.

The poor 19-year-old defenseman was expected to perform for a very bad team in 2023-2024 (Kloten), which has changed coach and could be relegated to Switzerland’s second division.

Bob Hartley has already mentioned that he is a hard worker, but was given too much responsibility.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that Reinbacher is not an offensive-minded defender and will almost never produce at a high point-per-game rate.

His strengths are defense, intelligence and mobility. With these assets, he has a good chance of becoming a very good defender in theshow “, especially if he manages to improve his offensive side.

With the intelligence he displays, learning or improving certain facets of the game becomes easier.

I don’t understand why Wheeler has placed Reinbacher so low, but he’s definitely in a better position than I am.

The fact remains that we’re all looking forward to seeing Reinbacher land in North America following his season in Switzerland with EHC Kloten.

In fact, his arrival is fast approaching, as the regular season is officially over.

All that remains is the four-of-seven series between Kloten and HC Ajoie to avoid relegation to the second division. However, this series may not be contested, as only two teams in Division 2 have the means to secure promotion.

So, if they are eliminated before the final, Kloten and Ajoie will be able to stay in the first division, as reported by the Journal de Montréal.

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