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Rocket: only two wins in its last seven games
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Not making the playoffs in Montreal this season is a mourning that most fans had already mourned before the season had even begun.

It’s a mourning that fans have accepted, and have accepted for three seasons now.

To see fans be so patient, especially in Montreal, is quite rare and unusual in the club’s history.

Let’s just say that the new management of the Montreal Canadiens is very lucky that the fans have bought into the rebuilding plan and believe in it wholeheartedly.

This famous plan really had better deliver something very good in the end.

In short, in Montreal, not making the playoffs is a reality that is still accepted this year.

Things will probably be different next season. To be continued.

What’s made the pill easier to swallow for the past two years is the Laval Rocket, which at least allowed Montreal and Quebec fans to console themselves by watching the school club’s playoff run.

Unfortunately, this year, the Rocket’s chances of making the playoffs are looking increasingly bleak.

Jean-François Houle’s troupe is on a bad streak that only got worse last night with a 2-1 loss to the Hartford Wolf Pack.

It’s another defeat that hurts the Rocket’s playoff hopes, as they have just two wins in their last seven games.

Let’s just say, in the midst of the playoff race, there was no time for such a bad sequence.

Laval is slowly slipping further and further away from the last playoff spot.

It’s not complicated: the Rocket are eliminating themselves right now.

As you can see, the Rocket is in a very bad position, sitting four points out of the fifth and final playoff spot with two more games played than the Toronto Marlies.

The two recent home losses to the Marlies have really hurt the club.

With 19 games left to play this season, the Rocket has no room for error if it is to have any hope of making the playoffs.

It’s now or never for the Rocket to get back to winning ways.

Let’s hope for the club’s sake that they’ll be able to perform well between now and the end of the season, as it would be a great experience for the organization’s young hopefuls to take part in the playoffs.

It would be excellent experience for the likes of Emil Heineman, Sean Farrell, Joshua Roy (if he’s demoted to help the team), Jakub Dobes and company.

In short, all this remains to be seen.

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