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Josh Anderson has scored a grand total of zero goals in his last 15 games.
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Josh Anderson’s season has been, well… rather disappointing, thank you.

It got off to a bad start with a 24-game scoreless streak, and then picked up a bit.

But the forward is back to his bad habits from the start of the campaign.

The Habs’ #17 is still struggling lately, as he can’t seem to create a spark.

He’s not scoring, just like the start of the season…

And when I say he’s not scoring, I mean he has no goals in his last 15 games.

He has just one in his last 22 games, too :

(Credit: ESPN)

Josh Anderson earns an annual salary of $5.5 million and his contract expires at the end of the 26-27 season.

It’s not as bad, because there weren’t many expectations this season in Montreal and because the club is rebuilding… But when the Habs are ready to compete with the NHL’s top clubs, Anderson is going to be a drag on the team.

A bit like Brendan Gallagher is right now.

In the end, it’s logical to believe that it will be almost impossible for Kent Hughes to trade him. Anderson may have the size of a playoff player, and he may have the tools to help a club in the playoffs, but no team is ever going to trade for his services because of his contractual situation…

If his deal ended at the end of this season, it would help Kent Hughes’ chances. But there are still three years left on his contract after this season…

It’s up to Martin St-Louis to find a way to revive the powerhorse, but we agree that’s easier said than done. Besides, the coach’s options are limited, because Anderson has played with just about everyone in the Habs line-up…

At this point, I can only hope he finds his touch again. Because when Anderson scores goals, gets involved and disturbs opponents, we’re talking about a good hockey player – despite his flaws.

In Brief

– Enjoy.

– Absolutely.

– You don’t see that every day.

– Huh!

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