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Frustrated with his situation, Jacob Markström openly criticizes Flames management
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Jacob Markström’s file seems to be complicated.

The Flames tried to trade him to New Jersey, even though he had agreed to waive his no-movement clause to join the Devils. The deal fell through…

That said, we learned only yesterday that,in the end, the Flames would like to keep him in Calgary .

The Swedish goaltender isn’t very happy with the turn of events and his current situation.

He spoke to the media today after his club’s training session… And he didn’t hesitate to openly criticize the Flames’ management:

Am I happy? No. And I think it could have been handled very differently upstairs. – Jacob Markström

Wow. Let’s just say it’s pretty clear:

Markström isn’t happy, and that’s to be expected.

The goalie seems to be looking for a fresh start elsewhere, and he seems to be a little tired of being in Calgary. It also doesn’t help that the Flames are changing their minds as if they were changing their underwear…

The timing of Markström’s comments is ironic too, because finally,the Devils have reportedly informed the Flames that they would now be willing to trade for Markström’s services without salary retention.

This is what Pierre LeBrun reported, not too long after the Flames goaltender’s public outing:

As Pierre LeBrun noted in his tweet, it will be interesting to see if this has any effect on a possible deal in the near future.

The Devils seem intent on going all-in this season, when they’re just six points behind the Lightning and a playoff spot…

And with their goaltending atrocious so far this season, perhaps the addition of an experienced goaltender like Jacob Markström will help turn the tide.

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