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Proposed trade (BPM Sports) involving Caufield, Xhekaj and Brady Tkachuk
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The Ottawa Senators are having another miserable season.

They tried to stir things up by hiring Jacques Martin as interim head coach…

But the results are not there. And for the seventh season in a row, the Ottawa team will miss the boat and the playoffs.

A major change is needed in the organization, and it’s in this vein that Ryan Whitney stated that the Sens could “maybe” trade the team’s captain, Brady Tkachuk.

Renaud Lavoie also said recently that there’s alot of noise surrounding Tkachuk in Ottawa

At BPM Sports, we had some fun constructing a proposed transaction involving Tkachuk… and the Habs.

The Habs would send Cole Caufield, Arber Xhekaj and the Jets’ 1st-round pick to Ottawa… While Tkachuk would head to Montreal.

I laughed a little when I saw the offer… Because I think Steve Staios would hang up the line pretty quickly.

Cole Caufield has a knack for scoring goals, but we’re talking about a somewhat one-dimensional player. If Caufield doesn’t score and he doesn’t produce offensively, his contribution is minimal…

And Xhekaj may have interesting potential, but he’s not the one who makes the difference on the ice.

If the Senators trade Brady Tkachuk, they’re going to want to get their hands on an established player who’s already proven himself in the NHL. The club won’t be trading its captain for prospects or picks, because the rebuild is over in Ottawa.

Being Kent Hughes, on the other hand, I’d think damned if Staios would call me with that offer. We love to hate Brady Tkachuk because he plays for the Senators, but there aren’t 25 players like him in the NHL. His annual salary of $8,205,714 until the end of the 27-28 season is also interesting, because he brings a lot to the rink.

All that to say, I don’t see why the Senators would make a deal like this, when Tkachuk is probably the only one on the club who gives his all every game.

The return isn’t big enough.

In gusts

– Why not?

– That would make sense.

– That’s the most important thing, confidence.

– A fine line-up awaits him.

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