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Another goalie off the market: Flames want to keep Markström
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The Minnesota Wild wasted no time in revealing their intentions for the end of the season.

The team will not be trading Marc-André Fleury, and will try to qualify for the playoffs with the Quebecer.

That means one less goaltender on the market:

Fleury’s name was circulating a lot in trade rumors, much like Jacob Markström’s in Calgary.

In fact, the Flames were on the verge of concluding a deal with the Devils for the veteran’s services, but it fell through.

Apparently, management in Calgary has changed its mind… Because the latest news is that the Flames want to keep their goalie after all, to send a message to the rest of the club:

You know what I mean…

But all this has and will have an impact on the goalie market between now and March 8.

Even better?

All of this could help make a deal involving Jake Allen a success, because he automatically becomes one of the best goalies available.

Frank Seravalli (Daily Faceoff) talked about the Habs goalie in a recent segment. In the informer’s eyes, Allen is the type of goalie who could bounce back to another club… And Seravalli also says that if a goalie is traded within the next week in the NHL, it could well be him:

We can’t yet call it a miracle because nothing is set in stone, but it’s good news for the Habs and Kent Hughes.

Habs management likes Jake Allen, and it’s true that he’s a good veteran in the sense that he’s already gone all the way with the Blues, but we all know the circumstances surrounding the goaltending situation in Montreal since the start of the season.

What I mean is… Jake Allen has to go because things aren’t working out with the Habs.

We haven’t been saying that since yesterday, after all… And maybe Kent Hughes really could get lucky.

In gusto

– He’s doing well.

– Zach Fucale looks like he’s having fun. I’m happy for him!

– 45 players who could change address :

– He’s good, Quinton Byfield.

– Will they bounce back?

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