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1 million: salary of the guy behind the Hockey30 website in good years
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Almost everyone is familiar with the controversial site Hockey30. When I launched DansLesCoulisses, I had a real falling out with them, amazed at how they could pick up on a scoop you’d been working on for days… taking credit for it and giving you no credit.

Who were these unethical people,” I said to myself at the time.

Over the years, we learned that the guy behind Hockey30 was called David Garel, that there weren’t many of them working for him, and that after his worst hits (Allo Marie-Pierre Danault!), David had somehow fled Quebec for Mexico.

But he never showed his true face.

Nobody knew where he’d got to in his life… how he was dealing today with all the stories he’d come up with over the years…

And above all, how much money he could make a year with his site.

So, two or three weeks ago, I took steps to bring David Garel on board the new podcast I’m hosting with Jean Trudel(Stanley25).

And it happened on Monday evening in the studios of 9millions.

It was then released on YouTube and Spotify in the last few hours.

The preparation for this episode was important. What were we going to talk about? How were we going to treat/receive it? Where would we rather not go?

The shoot was special, I didn’t know if we’d been too hard or too soft; we didn’t want to glorify him or beat him over the head as a group, as is sometimes the case on the TLMEP set.

It was only when I looked at the final result yesterday morning that I realized we had something excellent on our hands. That’s why we decided to release it on Wednesday afternoon, rather than Thursday lunchtime as usual.

The big punch of the podcast: definitely David Garel, who confesses to having made close to a million dollars a year in his good years!

@9millions_ How much does owning make a year? #Stanley25 #Podcast ♬ original sound – 9millions

Also on the menu in episode (5): where does David Garel come from? How did he end up picking up people on the Web? Creating a persona was necessary to get a good night’s sleep… His run-ins with Jean-Charles Lajoie, numerous journalists, Geoff Molson, Maxim Lapierre and Marie-Pierre Danault… His “scoop ” on Renaud Lavoie and Louis Jean… His tactics of being a two-faced weather vane… The pride he has when he looks back… The formal notices he’s received….

I suggest you listen to the entire podcast, to fully grasp all the nuances of his character.


Big respect to David Garel for agreeing to come out of the shadows and talk openly on our show. And to those who say we shouldn’t have invited him: I believe in freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Why shouldn’t we want a guy who wants to explain himself to people to do so? Especially since he wanted to tell people that he had changed and that he had regrets.

And especially since the views garnered by the video prove that yes, people did want to hear it.

Freedom of speech goes both ways!

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