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“Overcome your anxiety and attend the matches”
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The Winnipeg Jets’ situation has been the talk of the town for some time now. The team doesn’t have the highest attendance, and owner Mark Chipman knows the situation is precarious and can’t stay that way.

Today, Gary Bettman made a short trip to Winnipeg to make his own assessment of the situation.

He held a press conference and reiterated his confidence in the organization. He said it in 2011 and it’s still true in 2024: for the Jets to stay in Winnipeg, the arena must be full.

He also said some rather strange things in this press briefing.

Addressing stressed-out fans, he suggested they “get over their anxiety and attend the games”.

Yeah, but that’s because not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend to see hockey.

In any case, there’s a certain generation that won’t be happy to hear his words…

Fortunately, tickets aren’t as expensive as in Montreal, but still.

In his press conference, the commissioner wasn’t sure why people are starting to speculate that the team might move. For now, the Jets are in Winnipeg to stay, and if he didn’t believe in the project, he never would have brought them back to the NHL in 2011 in the first place.

As for the recent poor attendance, he admits that “it’s not a big deal, because some clubs go through ups and downs”.

Certainly, collaboration between club and community is necessary. But for now, there’s no sense of urgency.

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