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Kings in Quebec City: Éric Duhaime asks Luc Robitaille to give up the subsidy
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When the two ministers of the Legault government announced a subsidy of $5 to $7 million (public money) for the Kings to come and play exhibition games in Quebec City, it created quite a controversy.

It made many people wonder (and still wonder) about the management of public funds, especially given the current economic situation in Quebec

And the fact that we learned just yesterday that these same Kings will be going to Salt Lake City without public funding doesn’t help the discontent of the Quebec population.

At a press conference yesterday, Quebec Conservative Party leader Éric Duhaime insisted that the situation is unacceptable and that the Quebec government must reverse this decision.

Éric Duhaime didn’t mince his words when speaking of the case:

It shows a certain incompetence (obviously) on the part of the government […] There’s something completely clownish about it. We’re being made to look like “ti-counes”. – Éric Duhaime

The Leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec was back in force today, and he decided to take action by writing directly to Luc Robitaille.

In his letter, Éric Duhaime asks the Kings’ president to forgo the subsidy offered by the Quebec government after the “free deal” with Salt Lake City.

Duhaime also states that Quebec’s four opposition parties “unanimously condemn this useless and unjustified expense”:

Luc Robitaille was born in Montreal and understands the reality of Quebecers.

It’s a bit like Phillip Danault and Pierre-Luc Dubois… who have admitted they don’t want to get too involved because they have family here.

In any case, things are going to get interesting down the road. I’m especially curious to see how the Kings respond to Éric Duhaime’s request… And I’m especially curious to see if the letter from the Leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec will move things forward.

Because it’s true that it’s a haystack.

In brief

– A game at -4 points, like.

– Nick Suzuki, the goalscorer.

– Wow.

– Auston Matthews is incredible.

– Good text on the Remparts.

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