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Bruised as he is after just 5 games… Matt Rempe will have to calm down…
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There’s a lot of talk about fighting in hockey, and we all agree that it’s nothing new.

The debate continues to rage, especially after seeing Matt Rempe fight three times in his first five NHL games.

After all, the young man’s name is probably the most popular throughout the NHL at the time of writing… And many feel it’s not for the right reason.

In the Habs dressing room, there’s a great deal of respect for the Rangers’ big forward.

Michael Pezzetta and Arber Xhekaj, the Habs’ two “pugilists”, spoke of him as a guy who’s doing a good job right now.

Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports) reported their comments:

It’s cool for Rempe because he’s taking his first steps in the NHL and he didn’t waste any time before becoming popular.

The feeling must be special, especially as he’s only 21…

But at a certain point, you have to wonder just how far this is going to go. Réjean Tremblay explained it well in his article of the day published on the BPM Sports website: Rempe will have to find a way to protect himself to limit the risks.

The idea of fighting to make a name for oneself is correct. But on the other side of the coin, there isn’t a player in the NHL whose job it is to fight every game because it’s dangerous… and because we’ve seen in the past the long-term effects it can create in a brawler.

At least, that’s no longer the case in today’s hockey. For example, Nicolas Deslauriers, who once fought Rempe, is a tough NHL player. But the former Habs player has fought nine times this season, not thirty…

Fighting is sometimes part of the game, and personally, I don’t have a problem with it. But there’s a difference between seeing a fight once in a while and seeing a fight every game.

Matt Rempe will have to learn to say no and will have to learn to choose his fights. If he doesn’t, his NHL career won’t last very long… He’s already looking pretty banged up after playing just five games since his recall on February 16:

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