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Kings in Salt Lake City without subsidy: Éric Girard apologizes to the PLQ
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Yesterday, we learned from La Presse reporter Julien Arsenault that the Los Angeles Kings would be playing a preparatory game in Salt Lake City next fall, but also in the coming autumns.

That said, unlike the games played in Quebec City, they will not be subsidized by the public. That’s the news.

The experience, which is annual there, won’t be on the taxpayers’ arm? I don’t know if the CAQ government would have thought of that for the Kings games, which were in a bad way with their arena under construction.

You’ll understand that, two weeks before the announcement of a deficit budget in Quebec, this news only adds fuel to the fire of the Los Angeles Kings’ situation in Quebec City.

And politically, it’s a great opportunity to strike at the party in power.

Liberal MP Frédéric Beauchemin took advantage of La Presse’s article to mention on social networks just how “embarrassing” Minister Éric Girard’s decision is when you compare the two situations.

The MP compared the number of seats there with the Centre Vidéotron, further highlighting the ridiculousness of using public funds in this case.

It’s been a few months since the news broke and, despite everything, we can feel how little it takes to bring the subject back to the forefront in Quebec.

And with good reason.

Let’s just say that Kings games are better than successes in Quebec City. That wouldn’t erase everything, of course, but it would justify the government’s expense a little.

If the Centre Vidéotron had to be half empty, that would be even worse, wouldn’t it?

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