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Reinbacher’s arrival: Jean-François Houle believes the defender will adapt quickly
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Everyone is anxious to see David Reinbacher make his way to North America, and that makes sense.

Even so, the Habs selected him with the 5th overall pick in the last draft, which may give some indication of the young man’s potential…

But it’s hard to evaluate him at the moment because he’s playing in Switzerland, in a bad club that’s had an atrocious season. The circumstances were not necessarily favorable for his development.

We’re still waiting to find out when he’ll arrive, because EHC Kloten could be forced to play a relegation series.

I invite you to read my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois’s excellent article on the subject to find out the details.

There’s a bit of uncertainty here, but what we do know… is that Jean-François Houle doesn’t seem to be too worried about Reinbacher adapting to the world of the AHL. The Rocket head coach spoke to Arpon Basu (The Athletic) and his comments make sense:

If he gets there, he’ll be able to play at the AHL level. He’s already playing pro, so it shouldn’t make much difference. – Jean-François Houle

Jean-François Houle compares Reinbacher’s arrival to that of Emil Heineman… And Heineman, it should be remembered, had a great end to the season in Laval last year, scoring seven goals in eleven games with the Rocket :

Of course, at some level, it could be difficult for Reinbacher because we’re talking about a completely different environment… both on and off the ice.

But the Rocket driver makes a good point when he says that the defenseman is already playing professionally.

He understands the importance of the game, he’s been working with older players for two seasons now, and he knows how to behave like a professional.

His experience should help him get through this, at least.

What intrigues me most, personally, is to see how the defenseman will be used in Jean-François Houle’s line-up if he comes to play for the Rocket between now and the end of the season.

The Laval club is in the thick of the playoff race and may want to use its veterans to give a push… But if Reinbacher arrives and is excellent in his first games, Houle will have some important decisions to make.

He’ll have to find the ultimate way to combine the young man’s progression with his team’s success, which could prove a challenge.

In gusto

– Clayton Keller won’t be in uniform tomorrow night against the Habs.

– Happy reading.

– One thing at a time.

– The question arises.

– Good.

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