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David Pagnotta: The Habs should be playing in Paris in 2025
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NHL teams have been playing preparatory or regular-season games in Europe for several years now.

Earlier this season, for example, the Senators, Leafs, Wings and Wild played regular-season games in Sweden. During the 2022-2023 campaign, games were held in Switzerland, Germany, Prague and Finland.

You get the idea.

It’s always a pleasant experience for the players, because it’s so different.

It also gives European fans a chance to see some NHL hockey and watch the best players on earth, which is fun for everyone at the end of the day.

Speaking of playing in Europe, last December we learned that the Canadiens want to play games in Paris in the near future.

David Pagnotta discussed this in a recent video clip… And if The Fourth Period’s informant is to be believed, we could really see the Habs in France in 2025:

The Canadiens should play in Paris in 2025.

It won’t be this year, but the year after (in October). The Habs and the NHL are currently working on this project. – David Pagnotta

That would be really special.

Of course, I don’t think I need to tell you that in Paris, they speak French… And given that the Habs are the NHL’s French-speaking club, that puts even more emphasis on the project.

Note that David Pagnotta talks about the month of October in his column.

This raises the question of whether the idea is to play regular-season games or preparatory games, because both options are possible.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this when the details of the project come to light. I wonder which team could join the Habs in Paris, but logically, the Blue Jackets come to mind because they’re counting on the services of Alexandre Texier, who just happens to hail from France.

All in all, it’s exciting because it’s been a long time since the Habs have been promoted to play overseas.

In gusto

– Better luck next time.

– Derek Jeter’s last career at bat is hard to beat.

– The Jake Guentzel situation is heating up.

– Nice!

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