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Sean Monahan: his absence hurt immediately in 2022 (and it’s the same in 2024)
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On February 2, Kent Hughes made the deal we’d all been waiting for: he sent Sean Monahan to a new land.

Since then, things have been going badly for Montreal. The club has won two games out of nine, including one against the Anaheim Ducks. That doesn’t count…

Without being the team’s MVP, Mony was very important, and the team’s recent failures and the slump in 2022 prove my point.

Remember that in December 2022, Monahan was injured in Vancouver against the Canucks. The Habs led that game 4-0 (Sean Monahan scored the team’s third goal), only to collapse in overtime 7-6.

Coincidentally, the center was injured in the second period…

Nick Suzuki is a first-choice center. The man who didn’t look too happy about the departure of his trio-mate at the most recent All-Star Game still needs help, and I’ve got nothing against Jake Evans or Alex Newhook, but they’re not the ones who’ll be able to back up their captain.

And with the injury to Kirby Dach, the void at center is even bigger.

In return for Monahan, Hughes received a first-round pick in 2024. This pick could turn out to be an important player or an important tool included in a draft transaction, among other things. But until then, the Jets’ new member’s absence will continue to be felt.

After all, Martin St-Louis’ team is on a five-game losing streak (its first of the year) and is in a good position to draft well.

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Drafting high is all well and good, but the guys’ morale is taking a big hit…

As for Monahan, he seems to like it in Winnipeg. It didn’t start well, but he’s been doing well ever since.

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In gusto

– Rocket loss.

– Junior hockey returns to Western Canada.

– What a sequence.

– Well done.

– And the Panthers wanted nothing to do with keeping him.

– They’re back!

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