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Lindy Ruff accuses New Jersey media (!) of putting pressure on his players
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The New Jersey Devils are not having the same season as last year. One of the club’s problems is in front of the net.

Management is probably trying to find a good goalie, and rumours of a goalie in New Jersey are rife. It’s not hard to see why.

In the standings, it all adds up to this. The club is currently out of the playoffs and can get there… but it won’t be easy with all the competition for the last positions in the spring dance.


But there’s another aspect to keep an eye on: the club’s numerical advantage. In 2024, since New Year’s Day, the Devils rank last in the NHL with a formidable and impressive 7.8% rate.

Imagine how much we’d be asking for Alex Burrows’ head if that were the case in Montreal… But that’s not the case, because since January 1, the Habs are at 21.5%, which is about three times better than the Devils.

But hey. All this to say that Lindy Ruff is in solution mode right now, and he’s looking to eliminate the elements that aren’t working around his power play.

There is, however, one element that is beyond his control: his club’s media coverage.

I imagine you’ve asked every player [about the club’s numerical advantage]. Now they’re feeling it, and you [journalists] are creating undue pressure. – Lindy Ruff

Obviously, answering journalists’ questions is part of a player’s job. They’re bound to be asked questions about the club’s current issues.

And over there, the power play is a hot topic. It’s only natural that they should talk about it.

As Simon-Olivier Lorange points out, it’s ironic that a coach in one of the smallest media markets should think like that. Good thing he doesn’t have the position of Martin St-Louis or Sheldon Keefe…

It gives me (even more) the impression that Ruff doesn’t have both hands on the wheel right now.

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