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Brendan Gallagher doesn’t seem happy with the way Martin St-Louis uses him
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If the Habs weren’t so strapped for cash, they’d have long since gone out and found better players who earn a bit more. But that’s impossible right now.

Why is that? Not least because of Brendan Gallagher’s contract.

Gally, who is a warrior, has slowed down. He’s not exactly giving his club enough in terms of points per dollar invested, and on the ice, he’s less and less useful.

The proof? His increasingly useless penalties.

We saw it yesterday, but it’s nothing new to see the little forward cheating a little on the ice. And inevitably, it’s starting to hurt his club more and more, as the penalty sample is so impressive.

Martin St-Louis has a problem: since Gally is healthy this season, he has to play him. That said, it’s hard to find a chair for him, to borrow a phrase from the coach.

The result? There’s a lot of movement on the club’s trios – except for the first one.

Does the main player like it, moving around like that? No, he doesn’t. After all, he’s the first to say that a little stability goes a long way in establishing himself on a trio.

And right now, the way things are going, he obviously doesn’t like it.

Stu Cowan, who works for The Gazette, asked the principal interested party some questions on the subject. And between the lines, we understand that Gally won’t say loud and clear that he disagrees with his coach’s decisions, but…

But he doesn’t seem happy with the way Martin St-Louis uses him.

In particular, #11 said that being on the fourth trio “is not a good feeling” and that he wants his chances. However, he feels that, at the moment, he doesn’t have them.

Why is that? One reason is a lack of stability.

For me, right now, it’s about finding my rhythm.

I feel that at the start of the season, I perhaps had a comfort zone. There was stability in the trios and everything. – Brendan Gallagher

It’s worth remembering that the “veteran trio” was working well at the start of the season. He, Tanner Pearson and Sean Monahan had a good start to the season and it worked… until it didn’t. But Gally always liked stability.

But Gally always liked stability. In his heyday, he rode well with Phillip Danault and Tomas “Tuna” Tatar.

The problem? Right now, Gallagher isn’t playing like a guy who deserves big minutes. He’s not helping his team win hockey games, quite the contrary.

Renaud Lavoie, who thinks Gally seems unhappy with his role, took several minutes this morning on the radio (BPM Sports) to talk about the veteran forward’s situation.

He didn’t beat around the bush when he mentioned that Gally doesn’t make his teammates better or help his team, when he’s on the ice, score goals.

I wonder what the Habs will end up doing with him…


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