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“Kent Hughes is the DG best equipped to get Sidney Crosby out of Pittsburgh”.
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Last summer, the Pittsburgh Penguins made THE acquisition with a capital “L” last August.

Kyle Dubas went looking for a certain Erik Karlsson, a defenseman who had just won the Norris. Karlsson isn’t bad this year. In 53 games, he has 39 points. That’s still a far cry from the 101 points he collected last year…

With the addition of the Swede, an aging team and only three picks in the first three rounds of the next two drafts, the future doesn’t look good for Pittsburgh. And it’s not as if the Pens are dominant this season…

Before tonight’s game (against the Habs), they were eight points out of a playoff spot. It’s not insurmountable, but it’s not ideal. In fact, despite having one of the best quintets in the NHL (Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Erik Karlsson and Jake Guentzel when healthy), Pittsburgh ranks 30th in the NHL on the power play.

Crazy, isn’t it?

In a text published on TVA Sports, Jean-Charles Lajoie talked a little about Crosby. And he told Canadiens fans that they can dream about the captain. After all, the Penguins captain used to sleep in Habs pajamas some twenty years ago…

No, but for real, it’s no secret that 87’s childhood team is the Habs. Could he come to Montreal?

Personally, I don’t think so, but I don’t mean to bring fans and JiC down from their clouds. Michel Therrien agrees with me, and with the most realistic among us.

I understand that when Crosby was young, he had his Habs pajamas on (…), but I’d be very surprised [if he came to Montreal]. – Michel Therrien

Lajoie even believes that Kent Hughes is the general manager best equipped to get Crosby out of Pittsburgh. After all, he has picks, top prospects and room under the cap over the next few years. A deal of this magnitude won’t happen before the trade deadline, but if Dubas wants to tear down and rebuild, trading Crosby, Malkin or Letang would be an option to consider starting this summer.

To do so, the GM would need the approval of all his guys, who rely on no-trade clauses.

Lajoie says in his text that he doesn’t think the Tricolore is at the top of the list of teams Crosby would like to play for, but he’s convinced Montreal is somewhere on his list, at least. He also adds that Crosby in the metropolis is not science fiction. No, not science fiction, but a dream that’s not likely to come true.

We’re talking here. But imagine a center line made up of Nick Suzuki, Kirby Dach and Sidney Crosby.

And imagine if Crosby pulled his 87 from the heights of the Bell Centre.

Ah, and leave it at that…


– Transaction in the middle of a game.

– The decision to send Brandon Gignac to the waivers is not unanimous.

– It’s true.

– That’s a no.

– Well done.

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