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Last night, Jordan Harris played his first game since being buzzed off the field on Super Bowl afternoon.

The defender wasn’t necessarily atrocious on the ice…

But we could see that he had trouble finding his bearings at times during the game.

Since yesterday, we’ve been hearing the defenseman’s name in a number of transaction rumors.

A journalist from The Hockey News (Jacob Stoller) stated that the American is “definitely” on the market

And earlier today, Jimmy Murphy said the same about the defenseman.

When you think of Jordan Harris, you don’t think of a player worth gold on the market.

He has very limited offensive skills, and even though he’s proven since the start of his career that he can be reliable on the ice, teams aren’t going to be lining up to snatch him up because there are other Jordan Harris players in the NHL.

With that in mind, Mathias Brunet said today onMartin Lemay’s show (BPM Sports) that the defenseman could “maybe” bring a 3rd-round pick to the Habs:

Listen, right now? Maybe a 3rd-round pick. – Mathias Brunet

It’s the “maybe” in the journalist’s quote that really gets me. And if that’s really what Jordan Harris is worth… Maybe the Habs are better off keeping him and trying to shuffle him elsewhere in a big deal.

At first glance, it’s hard to believe that Jordan Harris has a big future in Montreal, even if he has a connection to Kent Hughes. The Habs are full of good young defensemen on the left, and I expect him to lose his position before too long.

A trade is almost inevitable in his case in my eyes… But I’m wondering when we might see him leave.

In gusto

– Colin White will wear #36 with the Habs.

– Indeed.

– This is weird.

– Really?

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