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Trevor Timmins: Tony Marinaro, Alain Chantelois and Jean Perron in the mix
Credit: He mustn't be the man in charge of recruitment for a possible rebuild.
A few months ago, the guys at La Poche Bleue introduced a new segment to their podcast: Taverne Hockey, which was intended to be a debate segment along the lines of the now-defunct show 110%.

It’s a great way to discuss hot topics in the hockey world every week.

And last night‘s guests were Tony Marinaro, Alain Chantelois and Jean Perron.

Quite a line-up… and in the end, we were treated to some serious flames between the three guests.

First, there was a fiery debate about Trevor Zegras (whom Marinaro defended, while Perron had reservations, notably about the youngster’s individualism), but it was when the guests started talking about Trevor Timmins that things really got going.

On the one hand, Perron makes no secret of the fact that he really doesn’t like what Timmins has done in Montreal, even claiming that he “sank” Bergevin…

And on the other, Marinaro (who said he didn’t want to defend Timmins because he did make mistakes) found himself playing devil’s advocate, and it was with a touch of frustration in his voice that he wanted to defend Timmins :

Was it Trevor Timmins who asked Marc Bergevin to trade Mikhail Sergachev? And Bob Gainey to trade Ryan McDonagh? – Tony Marinaro

When you look at the Habs’ current roster, it’s true that a lot of guys were drafted while Timmins was still with the organization. No one would argue that he’s had an exemplary track record, but on the other hand, it would be wrong to say that he’s only had bad breaks.

He is not responsible for the transactions that sent Sergachev and McDonagh, two guys he drafted, away from Montreal.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Timmins mentioned in the Montreal media this week: at the end of the last episode of the Processus podcast, Mathias Brunet and Simon Boisvert talked about the 2008 draft, in which the Habs traded their first-round pick for Alex Tanguay.

Years later, Timmins told Brunet that he would have drafted John Carlson with that pick (which could have changed the Habs’ future, we agree)… but the Snake noted that, from what he understood, it was a Quebec player who was in the Habs’ sights at the time, possibly Nicolas Deschamps. Remember that the Canadiens didn’t draft any Quebecers that year.

And with the dismissal of Jarmo Kekalainen in Columbus today (a team Timmins is still working with, by the way), the name of the Habs’ former hockey head has been the talk of the town in recent days.

For good reasons, but also for not-so-good ones.

In gusto


– Auston Matthews continues to score goals.

– If the Habs’ attack is the business of a trio, the Blackhawks’ is the business of a single player… an 18-year-old.


– Love the look.

– Jaroslav Halak has a deal to finish the season in Slovakia.

– I love Luke Richardson.

– Obviously.

– What do you think?

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