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JiC, on Jake Allen: “He guards goals like a guy who doesn’t want to be traded”
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Our colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois wrote an excellent piece this morning, saying that the Super Bowl made us forget the Habs’ poor performance last weekend.

Martin St-Louis’ men lost to the Dallas Stars on Saturday…

But it’s yesterday’s game against the Blues that’s a little hard to forget.

After all, since yesterday afternoon, the (bad) criticism of Jake Allen’s performance has been flying everywhere.

The Habs goaltender “wouldn’t have been able to stop a cab”, as Tony Marinaro said earlier today on BPM Sports

And Jean-Charles Lajoie shared on his show (TVA Sports) that there’s a reason why Allen isn’t playing well right now.

He wants to stay in Montreal, believes JiC :

Let’s tell it like it is. It’s doing his business right now. He’s keeping goal like a guy who doesn’t want to be traded. He doesn’t want to leave Montreal, he’s stationed here. He’s probably been offered a role in the organization at the end of his career. – JiC

Everyone will agree that at some point, the Habs will have to make a decision with Jake Allen.

It’s nice to have a veteran like him in the dressing room…

But when that same veteran isn’t helping you move forward, that’s another story.

When you think of the Habs’ options, they’re pretty limited.

The idea of trading him is popular with fans, but it’s illogical to think that the goalie has any value on the market…

The idea of placing her in the waivers has been discussed, but the Habs don’t want to go down that road…

The idea of buying out his contract this summer might make sense, but it doesn’t at the same time because he’s only got one season left (after this one) on his pact…

And then there’s the idea of sending him to the AHL, as discussed by Anthony Marcotte on JiC’s show.

Marcotte believes the scenario is possible, but for next year:

Next year, in Laval? Possible! – Anthony Marcotte

All this to say that, ultimately, the Canadiens have choices to make.

It worked for as long as it worked with Jake Allen… But right now, the Montreal organization seems to be at a crossroads with the veteran.

In a gust

– Wow.

– Really?

– Come on, Felix!

– I hope so!

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