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Suicidal joke directed at him: Patrik Laine denounces a podcast
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

At the end of January, we learned that Patrik Laine was entering the NHL’s assistance program.

The Blue Jackets player had some personal issues to deal with, and seeing him get the help he needed to heal was good news in itself.

After all, it’s important to talk about things when they’re not going well (for whatever reason).

But no matter how serious these things are, there’s always someone somewhere who’s going to say stupid things about getting help.

The proof?

On a podcast about Blue Jackets activities, a man made a “joke” about Laine wanting to kill himself.

And the worst part…

Four of the five other people on the podcast all started laughing like it was funny.

Laine saw the video in question… And shared it on Twitter / X saying it’s not okay:

It’s hard to hear because you don’t say things like that.

Laine needed help, he made the effort to get it… And we joke about the fact that he’s not well enough to want to kill himself?


Fortunately, there are a lot of positive comments under the Blue Jackets player’s publication.

Fans are wishing him well off the ice, and there’s real support from them. It’s cool to see, really…

And it should be, because we all did the same thing in Montreal when we heard that Carey Price and Jonathan Drouin were struggling with personal problems.

In bursts

– Still…

– The Blackhawks must be happy.

– There’s a great connection between the two players.

– Congratulations!

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