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“Dream Big: The Habs at the Casino de Montréal for the Fondation des Canadiens
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Le Canadien sometimes organizes events to get involved in the community.

Players often show up at events to help the community when it’s time to do so.

On Thursday evening, for example, players and staff were at the Casino de Montréal to raise funds for the Canadiens Children’s Foundation.

Fun is in the air, but maybe not for everyone. Hehe.

Just ask Cole Caufield, who joked while playing roulette:

Despite this, the team members present have one main goal: to raise money for a good cause.

Here are a few photos of players, staff and spouses at the Casino.

Everyone is very CHic, as the Habs would say.

It’s fun for the team members, who get together outside of hockey to have fun and give back to the next guy.

Without being a vacation, it allows them to enjoy time with their families.

In François-David Rouleau’s article on this subject, we understand that no fewer than 300 people were waiting for this event.

This is the first edition of Dream Big, and the target for the evening is $150,000.

What’s really interesting about this event is that Nick Suzuki’s wife, Caitlin, came up with the idea.

A great initiative on Caitlin’s part.

Let’s hope this evening will give us good ideas for other events of this kind in the future.


– It’s off to a good start.

– It can’t be very pleasant.

– One of his few catch-and-shoot goals of the year.

– He’s averaging two power-play goals every five games. Not a bad 40%.

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