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The Canadian is “very popular” on the trading market
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What will the next NHL trade deadline look like?

With Sean Monahan and Elias Lindholm having already moved on, the market for center players has weakened somewhat…

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any big transactions.

The situation will be especially interesting to watch for the Habs.

Kent Hughes could decide to make a move to enrich his bank of prospects or picks for the future, and there are some names that come to mind when you think of a possible transaction.

This was one of the subjects ofDarren Dreger’s column on TSN 690 earlier this morning, and the tipster mentioned a few players who have been rumoured in the past and who could come back into the rumour mill.

Josh Anderson, Arber Xhekaj, David Savard and Jake Allen were all mentioned by Darren Dreger :

Dreger talked about Anderson, but he doesn’t think the forward will be traded before the summer because of his contract situation and because the Habs really like their power forward

Dreger talked about Xhekaj, but reassured Sheriff fans that there’s no chance of the Habs abandoning the young defenseman’s development unless the price is exorbitant…

Dreger talked about Savard, but he knows that the Habs have no plans to trade him, even though the defenseman market could get pretty intense in the coming weeks…

And Dreger mentioned Allen, but the goalie hasn’t been traded yet because Kent Hughes didn’t get his price…

All this to say that these names will be the talk of the town between now and March 8, even if they’re still playing for the Habs today.

And the point Dreger was trying to make is that the Habs are “very popular” on the trade market because they have players that other teams might be interested in.

Kent Hughes is a busy man right now. – Darren Dreger

We know that Kent Hughes likes to pick up assets to help his club in the short or long term.

But Kent Hughes has also proven in the past that he doesn’t make a deal for nothing.

The price has to be right, and that’s where it could be good for him, because there will be clubs panicking between now and March 8 if players continue to be traded before the deadline.

Of all the names mentioned, Dreger never mentioned Tanner Pearson or Mike Matheson.

It makes sense in Pearson’s case, because he doesn’t seem to have any value on the market… But it surprises me a little in Matheson’s case, because the idea of seeing him leave has gained ground in recent weeks.

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