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Lou Lamoriello loves Patrick Roy’s work so far
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When the Islanders signed Patrick Roy a little over two weeks ago, we all thought that Lou Lamoriello had made a good move.

After all, the former Remparts driver’s experience and passion make him a perfect fit for a market like New York.

Since Roy took over, the Islanders have posted a record of two wins and three losses (including one in overtime). The team is progressing under his guidance, which makes the Isles GM smile.

In fact, Lou Lamoriello confided in aninterview with Pierre LeBrun (The Athletic) that he’s really pleased with the job his new head coach is doing.

To hear Lamoriello say this openly, even though he’s a man of few words, lends even more weight to his comments:

He’s brought everything I thought he would, without a doubt. He’s a coach. And he’s a teacher. His passion certainly shines through. But it’s his teaching and his coaching that impress me. – Lou Lamoriello

There really does seem to be a perfect marriage between Lamoriello and Roy… Against all odds, it’s safe to say :

I watched the Islanders game last night against the Toronto Maple Leafs and there was one element in particular that struck me.

Actually, no, there were two.

We all saw, of course, the expletive that came out of Patrick Roy’s mouth when the Leafs tied the game early in the second period on a goal by Mitch Marner.

It went viral.

But what really caught my attention was how hungry the Islanders players looked on the ice.

I was watching Mathew Barzal go, who, by the way, had quite a game… And I thought to myself that the guys really seem to want to win for Patrick Roy.

They’ve got dog and they’ve been playing very, very hard since Roy took over… And that’s what the former NHL goalie brings to a hockey team.

He loves the game so much and is so passionate that his energy is transmitted to his players, whatever the calibre of the game. It wasn’t easy for the Islanders against the mighty Leafs… But the players never gave up, because they worked from start to finish, and in the end, they deserved the victory.

It’s the Patrick Roy effect, after all… And Lou Lamoriello has every right to be proud of his achievement.

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