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David Savard: Pierre LeBrun’s turn to think the Habs don’t want to trade him
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Now that Sean Monahan has moved on, it’s anyone’s guess whether Kent Hughes will make another move.

He said after his center was traded thathe didn’t necessarily want to trade David Savard(who also admitted he didn’t want to be the next to go). Those are the words of an intelligent GM, who isn’t going to open up his game. He’ll say what’s in his favor, though.

But then it was Pierre LeBrun’s turn at Insider Trading to say that the Habs don’t want to trade him. At least, he thinks so…

The Quebecer is a guy his teammates like, and I know the Habs are rebuilding, but it takes experience and leadership in a locker room.

A team needs guys like Savard to help the youngsters, especially. And with Monahan’s recent departure, that’s even truer…

That said, according to LeBrun, an offer that can’t be refused will obviously change plans. Perhaps the Habs’ GM simply doesn’t want to hold back his protégé’s $3.5 million salary for the next year and a half…

One thing’s for sure, it’s not Kent Hughes who’s bringing his right-hander’s name into the conversation. A team that wants him is going to have to break out the checkbook.

Especially when that team realizes that Savard is also a goalie in his own right.

What’s also important to know is that Savard isn’t the NHL’s number one target for backs.

Chris Tanev and Noah Hanifin are attracting a lot of interest across the NHL, too. According to LeBrun, Tanev is the number-one defensive target among buyers. His price: a second-round pick and another asset. A few days ago, the tipster was only talking about a second-round pick.

The price has probably gone up, which could be good news for the Habs if Savard is traded.

When (if) Tanev is traded, the Quebecer’s file may get even bigger.

But for the time being, let’s expect the 58 to stay in the metropolis.

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– These days, the Habs play well with a man advantage. Mony’s departure could change a lot of that, however.

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