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David Pastrnak to boycott the Four Nations Tournament
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A few days ago, the NHL announced an international tournament (instead of the All-Star event) for the upcoming season.

The tournament, to be held in Montreal and Boston, will feature four of the world’s top ice hockey nations. Canada, the United States, Sweden and Finland will face off.

It’s a competition that makes many people happy, but as with everything, some people are unhappy. David Pastrnak will be boycotting the tournament. At least the players taking part will be giving it their all.

In a text published on, Conor Ryan, a journalist covering the activities of the Boston Bruins, said that the Czech won’t be watching the tournament, as his country won’t be present. We can understand his decision, of course, and wonder about the future of this tournament.

Will Gary Bettman and his group decide to add more nations in 2026? We hope so. After all, Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are good clubs… At least Pasta will have the chance to represent his club at the next Olympics in Milan. The Russian players are less certain of taking part.

And both Nikita Kucherov and Kirill Kaprizov are concerned. Because, as Chris Johnston told Insider Trading , the Russians’ participation is far from certain. Johnston even emphasized the word “far”.

The absence of this nation is glaring. The biggest country in the world is one of the best at ice hockey, but unfortunately, the actions of its president Vladimir Putin are taking their toll on the natives. Even those who are thousands of miles away from the war and have no connection with it.

Fortunately, as Johnston explains, a decision will have to be made soon (maybe even next month) regarding Russia’s participation in the Olympics, but also in 2025, in the Senior World Championship.

There will be an IIHF meeting in Zurich next week. Let’s hope the decision goes in Russia’s favor.

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