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Coyotes: news could be announced as early as this weekend
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Ah, the cursed Coyotes.

Looks like there might be some developments in their future in the desert, as reported by Frank Seravalli (Daily Faceoff).

What are we talking about?

In a recent article, Seravalli states that there could be news as early as next weekend, the Super Bowl weekend.

We don’t know the true nature of the news yet, but what we do know is that there are three options open to the Coyotes, again according to Seravalli.

The first is to find a site for a new amphitheatre and put shovels in the ground…

The second is to sell the team in order to stay in Arizona…

And the third is to move the organization to Quebec City Salt Lake City, which recently expressed interest in hosting an NHL club.

The Coyotes have confirmed that they are moving forward with the purchase of land north of Phoenix, but the franchise president (Xavier Gutierrez) has also stated that the organization is “not ready” to make an announcement in that direction.

So, can we rule it out already?

If he stays in Arizona, the plan would be to see the club share an amphitheatre with the Phoenix Suns, but that seems to be pretty complicated too, because the Suns aren’t interested…

And the option of seeing the Coyotes move to Salt Lake City seems to be the most logical of the lot.

There are still a lot of unknowns in this story, and we can all agree on that.

On the other hand…

To see that the case is progressing and that news could be announced soon is also good news in itself.

Because, quite frankly, we’re all tired of seeing this issue drag on the National League table.

In gusto

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– Jake Evans doesn’t like cameras, hehe.

– Really?

– This, too, is a hotly debated issue.

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