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Purchase of land north of Phoenix: Coyotes confirm they are moving forward
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It’s not clear what’s happening in Arizona.

In fact, you never really know what news is going to come out publicly. It seems we’re always one bad piece of news away from learning that hockey in Arizona is about to receive its death warrant.

But as long as Papa Bettman protects his child, he’ll be (almost) safe.

Having said that, the fact remains that the criticism of the Coyotes is widespread. The team’s players have to play in conditions that are not worthy of other league markets and NHL standards. #UniversityArena

Yesterday, my colleague Marc-Olivier Cook reported that Marty Walsh, head of the Players’ Association, had criticized the Coyotes for missing two deadlines related to a new arena project.

“This is not the way to run a business” in Walsh’s eyes – and he’s right.

It seems like every time we get news on the subject, we wonder what it means. How about this? Last night on X, the Coyotes confirmed that they are moving forward with a plan to buy land north of Phoenix.

The Coyotes may confirm that they intend to stay in the desert and owe it “to the best fans” in the world… but the fact remains that in the tweet the Coyotes retweeted, it still talks about the fact that several sites are being considered.

And the Coyotes’ president confirmed this. As reported in an article by AZ Central reporter Stacey Barchenger, several plans are still on the table for the Coyotes.

I can confirm that we have sent an application [for the field], but I can confirm, as I have before, that we are looking at several sites.

We’re not ready to make an announcement. – Xavier Gutierrez

So the club is behind on schedules, it doesn’t yet know where it will play and when a future arena will be ready… but the club has all the intentions in the world to stay “for the best fans in the world, like” in Arizona? Come on.

Let’s sell the franchise to Ryan Smith and move them to Salt Lake City. I can’t wait.

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