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Nikita Kucherov’s actions: the NHL is angry (and with good reason).
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Last night, Nikita Kucherov showed just how lacking in class he is.

For those who didn’t see it, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Russian, who was one of the 12 invited to the NHL Skills Competition, exerted himself just as little as Alex Kovalev on nights when he wasn’t tempted to play with the Habs.

When it was his turn to perform, he simply didn’t give it his all. He was booed by the crowd at an All-Star Game. #FautLeFaire

On the one hand, I understand that this is basically just a “pointless” contest and that if he didn’t want to get high, he has the right not to. A small part of me understands that.

But the problem is this: it’s not 2023.

Last year, everyone took part in at least one event. Some were as ordinary as you could wish for, and that didn’t necessarily create a sense of urgency to push yourself.

But this year? The NHL has reworked its format so that the 12 guys chosen have to push themselves and try to win.

Yes, there was a million dollars at stake and he didn’t feel like winning it. That’s unimaginable for most people, but his bank account isn’t my problem.

But the problem is that the NHL chose only 12 guys to participate in several events. In doing so, Kucherov not only took someone’s place, but also spoiled the show on several occasions.

The NHL is trying to create something different. Seeing Nikita Kucherov or Justin Bieber on Thursday night, it doesn’t give a good image. Bieber didn’t have to say yes if he didn’t want to, and the same goes for Kucherov in yesterday’s contest.

And if you think that’s just whining for nothing, the NHL really isn’t happy with the Lightning star’s actions. According to Patrick Lalime (TVA Sports), who spoke to some NHL people after the contest, there’s some grumbling going on behind the scenes.

And that’s normal. After all, this morning, we should be talking about the positives surrounding the All-Star festivities. We should be talking about Connor McDavid, who is too good. We should be talking about the games, which take place today.

But instead, we’re talking about Kucherov, the guy who finished last yesterday, but is the NHL’s leading scorer. His lack of class was blatant in front of fans who paid (dearly) to see him perform at the height of his talent.

We’re talking about the guy who was booed by the crowd and left wanting more. That can’t make Julien BriseBois very proud of his player, as Alexandre Picard (rightly) pointed out.

Let’s look forward to the four-team international tournament(part of which will be held in Montreal) next year, instead of the All-Star Game. By the way, do you think Kuch is upset that he won’t be playing in that tournament next year?

In gusto

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