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Draft: Canadiens to consider Ivan Demidov

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Draft: Canadiens to consider Ivan Demidov
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At last year’s draft, the subject of Matvei Michkov attracted a lot of attention. After all, we know all about the situation surrounding the young Russian prospect and all the red flags surrounding his candidacy.

Michkov, who was passed over yesterday in Russia, was finally drafted by the Flyers two spots after the Canadian, who felt that the whole situation surrounding his candidacy was too much for him.

I wouldn’t throw the first stone at the management for that.

One of the aspects that may have been part of the red flags was the fact that he’s Russian. With the politico-economic situation over there and the lure/obligation of playing in the KHL, let’s just say it may have been part of the Habs’ decision to back off a bit…. but not that much.

After all, the club has drafted other Russians in 2023.

(Credit: Hockey DB)
What this means is that Michkov as such was a problem in the eyes of the Habs, who decided to look elsewhere. Time will tell whether this was the right decision or a mistake.

So I have no trouble believing that if the Habs were faced with the possibility of drafting a Russian in the first round in 2024, the idea would be considered. And the name that comes to mind is Ivan Demidov.

(Credit: Tankathon)

Demidov is a great talent, and I have a feeling the Habs won’t draft high enough to get their hands on him. Who knows if the Habs will slip down the rankings and if the Russian will do the same, but hey.

But what’s interesting is that, as Eric Engels believes, the Habs are interested in the Russian.

In reality, with the club’s first-round pick, it’ s to be expected that the Canadiens will decide to go for a forward. Whether by drafting or trading the pick, that’s the most likely scenario.

And if Demidov is the best option in light of the Habs’ search, so be it.

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