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Brendan Gallagher ejected from the game for an illegal blow to the head

Tonight, the Canadiens take on the Islanders at the Bell Centre. It’s shaping up to be an emotional game (not least because of Patrick Roy’s presence), but so far, both teams have kept their emotions in check.

In the third period, however, Brendan Gallagher went overboard with an illegal hit to Adam Pelech’s head.

He was ejected for his actions… and is now likely to face a suspension.

It’s a move that’s pretty hard to explain, considering Gallagher isn’t a vicious player. He’s an intense, physical guy, sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s used to dirty tricks.

That said, his blow to Pelech’s head was completely unacceptable, and he deserved to be ejected on the sequence. The question now is whether he’ll be suspended… and it’s safe to assume that he will be.

It’s still early to say how long he’ll be out (if at all, of course), but it’s not impossible that the Habs will have to recall a forward for Saturday night’s game. And since he’s likely to be suspended for more than one game if he is, his absence could be extended when the All-Star break returns.

Joshua Roy could possibly be recalled if need be, but in any case, it’s a shame Gallagher did what he did.

Especially since he took a major penalty with eight minutes left in the game, when the Habs were leading 3-1. It was really unnecessary in every sense of the word.

Let’s wish Pelech the best, because he’s the most important thing right now. He’s had a tough time, really.


It’s not the first time this season that Gallagher has taken a bad penalty late in a game.

But as Arpon Basu notes, this is the most extreme case, anyway.

Gallagher has never been suspended since the start of his career.

This could mean that his sentence won’t be “too bad”.

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