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“If he wants to, Patrick Roy will become an NHL GM,” says Renaud Lavoie
Patrick Roy has been the talk of Montreal for the past few days. The man who is at the Bell Centre tonight(where he was honoured during the national anthem) has been head coach of the Islanders for less than a week, and for many people, it was high time for his comeback.

Roy is hugely popular with the fans, and quite frankly, the league is better off with Roy at the helm. And in the Islanders’ coaching chair, he has just that.

The question now is what’s in store for Roy in the future. For the moment, he’s the Islanders’ coach, but in the longer term, it’s not impossible that he’d like a new challenge… like that of general manager.

We don’t necessarily know if he’ll want to become one… but we can wonder if it’s an opportunity that will be available to him. And according to Renaud Lavoie, it will be, as he stated on JiC:

If he wants to, Patrick Roy will become a GM in the NHL. – Renaud Lavoie

According to the TVA Sports tipster, several teams have contacted Roy in recent months to gauge his interest, probably for a variety of positions. In the end, though, it was the Islanders’ head coach’s chair that he decided to occupy, as Lou Lamoriello brought him back to the league.

And speaking of Lamoriello, the latter could well be a mentor to Roy if the latter eventually wants to become GM… and, perhaps, replace him at the helm of the Islanders when Sweet Lou is ready to hang up his tie.

Should Roy decide to follow Lamoriello’s lead, however, I’d advise him to avoid the part where Lamoriello tells him about the seven-year contract he gave Pierre Engvall.

But what Lavoie understands is that Roy is still very popular around the league, and it’s a safe bet that if Roy ever decides to take the plunge into a general manager role, the opportunity may well present itself.

It remains to be seen whether this will be as Lamoriello’s successor with the Islanders… or elsewhere in the league.

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