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Jean-Charles Lajoie not convinced that Arber Xhekaj is part of the Habs’ plans

Last Saturday night, Elliotte Friedman told Sportsnet that the Habs weren’t interested in trading Arber Xhekaj.

Since then, however, many people (including some credible ones) have been wondering whether he will be traded.

First, Mathias Brunet has the feeling that he’d be worth a lot of money, and Jean-Charles Lajoie has just added to that. He doubts that Xhekaj is part of the team’s medium- to long-term plans.

JiC wonders if he’ll fit in since there’s a lot of talent on the left side of the defense.

And in his TVA Sports piece, the host wrote that his player profile is clearly not the favorite of Montreal’s upper management. It’s not for nothing that he was traded to the Rocket last November.

Lajoie used the example of Alexander Romanov and believes that, after the season, Kent Hughes will complete a Romanov-style swap.

So don’t be surprised to see Xhekaj involved in a trade between now and the upcoming draft in June. – JiC

Remember that at the 2022 draft, Hughes, in his first as GM of the Habs, surprised everyone by trading a fan favourite. No, laissez-faire is not the saying.

Jean-Charles ended his article by asking people if they missed Romy.

No, but that’s because we got Kirby Dach back. It all depends on the return, of course.

For now, the question of trading Xhekaj is not in the management equation. It remains to be seen whether this will change with an offer that can’t be refused…


– Nick Suzuki fifth.

– Roy directed Jonathan Marchessault with the Remparts.

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