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Patrick Roy is the only name that should resonate in Ottawa
Credit: YouTube
But where is/was Patrick Roy while some NHL teams were looking for head coaches?

He was meeting up with Jacques Tanguay and Jean Bédard to land a hockey team based in the Bordeaux region ofFrance.

It’s worth remembering that Roy Patrick has/had turned down two offers to get back behind a NHL bench because of their “positioning” on the map. Two teams in the West, where time zones are constantly changing, are of no interest to the former number 33.

“Reports out of Quebec City suggested that Patrick had turned down two offers to lead in the NHL again, essentially because both were from teams in the Western Association.” – JiC

Jean-Charles Lajoie is convinced that Roy is a potential asset for the NHL, and that he would certainly be an added value to the Ottawa Senators and its fans.

But what are the Ottawa Senators doing as they compose these few letters? They’re relying on 71-year-old Jacques Martin and Daniel Alfredsson to warm the ears of a struggling group. This is definitely not a long-term solution for this Ontario organization newly guided by Michael Andlauer!

Is Andlauer aware of the real needs of this line-up? If not, JiC summed it up vividly in his most recent broadcast via TVA Sports.

“You’ve got a new building to build, you’re going to have to fill it, you’ve got a contingent of exceptional young talent on the ice, you’re missing a popular, solid and competent candidate, a “stud” who’s going to take all the heat, who’s going to hold the top of your bill while giving your team nobility on the ice!” – JiC

In the end, Roy most likely doesn’t end up in Ottawa for reasons unknown, but, one day, he will return to the NHL as a head coach or general manager. When that day comes, and if it does, the concession that gives him a second chance will surely be very fortunate.


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