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Joshua Roy: the experiment would have been a flop if he had been recalled, argues Martin McGuire

Tonight was Joshua Roy’s third career NHL game. His first two games against two powerhouses, the Oilers and the Avalanche, had left him feeling a little shy, but he hadn’t been bad.

Tonight, however, he had an excellent first period against the Devils… and we sensed that his first goal might eventually come.

And sure enough… he scored his first career goal tonight, in the second period of the game.

Sean Monahan’s generous gesture on the sequence is noteworthy, as he probably could have scored had he decided to show a little more individualism.

Monahan made sure to retrieve the puck for his young teammate. A fine veteran move.

Roy is all over the place tonight, and this is a well-deserved goal for him. It was (by far) the best game of his (very young) NHL career, and his fine efforts were rewarded.

He can also thank Simon Nemec for his somewhat laborious defensive coverage, but oh well.

It’s a great moment for Roy, then, who really looks like an NHL player tonight. I can’t wait to see if this will extend his current stay on the Bettman circuit…


Joshua Roy becomes the first player drafted outside the top-60 in 2021 to score an NHL goal.

And even including the top-60, he’s the 15th to find the back of the net. For a guy drafted 150th, that’s (far) from bad.

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