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Marc-André Fleury: Pat McAfee offers him $250,000 if he scores this season

Marc-André Fleury has been the talk of the town in recent days. The Quebec goaltender has overtaken Patrick Roy for second place in the NHL for most career regular-season wins, and even though Martin Brodeur is unassailable in first place (he still has 139 to catch), Fleury can still be proud of being in second place.

Because in the end, it’s really, really not nothing. And with the new reality of goalkeepers no longer playing 70-game seasons, Fleury is in no danger of being dethroned tomorrow morning.

And to celebrate Fleury’s achievement, Pat McAfee hosted him on his Pat McAfee Show today to talk all things goalie.

He said a few words in French during the interview to congratulate him, but that’s not what caught our attention.

Towards the end of the interview, McAfee chatted with Fleury and offered him a deal : if Fleury scored a goal between now and the end of the campaign, McAfee would offer him $250,000 to donate to the foundation of his choice.

The two guys had chatted in the past and McAfee offered him $100,000, but this time he upped the ante. And Fleury took the opportunity to tease him, telling him that he “can now afford it with ESPN”.

It’s a nice gesture from McAfee, giving the goalkeeper extra motivation to find the back of the net. Remember that Flower hasn’t found the back of the net since the start of his NHL career.

During the interview, Fleury also reminded us that he always thanks his posts in both languages (English and French) because he never knows where the steel for the posts comes from. So he makes sure he’s correct by saying it in both languages, as he’s explained in the past.

Fleury didn’t elaborate on his possible retirement at the end of the season, but he did admit that his body is more worn out than it used to be. McAfee admitted he was impressed to see him play so long considering the heavy load on his lower body.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Pat McAfee has made room for hockey on his show. He praised the work of David Savard at the start of the season, and also spoke to Brad Marchand in recent weeks.

A really interesting interview, then, and we’ll see if Fleury finds a way to score a goal between now and the end of the season, whether with the Wild or another team.

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