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It’s not just in Montreal where it was Reinbacher before Michkov
Last week, we got a little excited at the prospect of David Reinbacher moving to North America sooner than expected.

The acquisition of a right-handed defender from EHC Kloten led us to believe that the club was preparing his departure… But in the end, that’s not the case.

Arpon Basu (The Athletic) visited the young man in Switzerland last week to report on his start to the season and what lies ahead.

Speaking on BPM Sports today, the journalist maintains that there is a desire on the part of the Habs to see Reinbacher join the Montreal organization once his season is over (early March), and that there is mutual interest at this level, which is good news.

Arpon Basu goes on to say that it might be good for him to play in North America… Because there were distractions for the youngster in Switzerland:

I think the distractions hurt his season. All the things going on in his head didn’t allow him to really concentrate on the quality of his game over there. – Arpon Basu

Yet… It was said that it was good for the Canadian to send him to Europe precisely because he would be able to avoid said distractions.

How different would things have been for him if he’d spent the season in Montreal/Laval, with the Montreal media jungle? At least the Habs would have kept an eye on him…

Still according to Arpon Basu, although Reinbacher said it was best to return to Kloten to fine-tune his development, the youngster was a little disappointed to learn that the Canadian had decided to send him to Europe.

And this would also have played a role in the defender’s performance.

Remember that Reinbacher and Kloten have been on a tear this season. The Canadian prospect has collected seven points in 21 games (including one goal, scored in an empty net), which is a significant drop in production compared to last year.

Reinbacher finished the 22-23 campaign with 22 points (three goals) in 46 games, to give an idea.

But the club’s failings don’t help the cause either. Kloten has a mediocre 11-23-4 record this season, and conditions may not be ideal for a 19-year-old looking to improve overall on the ice.

I wonder what Kent Hughes and the Habs organization think of the whole situation. Would management have made a different decision knowing that it was going to be so difficult on the ice for the Kloten team?

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