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Brad Marchand tries to bring Patrice Bergeron out of retirement
When Patrice Bergeron announced his retirement last summer, no one was really surprised to hear the news.

We knew he’d given his all for the Bruins, after all, and that his body was starting to look pretty shaky due to the many major injuries he’d sustained during his career.

He deserved to hang up his skates, at least.

He’s taking advantage of his newfound free time to make music, but Brad Marchand is still trying to get him to come out of retirement and help the Bruins between now and the end of the campaign.

And on that subject… The boys from the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast (Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette) have started a rumour that Bergeron is back on the ice.

I’ve heard that “the captain” might make a comeback. – Bob Bissonnette

Ryan Whitney goes on to say that these are just rumors, but apparently, Patrice Bergeron is skating.

The former Oilers and Penguins man says he’s heard that Bergeron skates a bit to stay in shape for the old-timers games… And that’s when Paul Bissonnette replies that he doesn’t believe it for a second.

Both seem to be pushing for a potential return of the Quebecer to the Bruins.

Good timing, because the excellent Katherine Harvey-Pinard went to meet Bergeron just last week.

And in an article by the La Presse journalist, we read that it’s true that the former Bruins captain skates… But only once a week, as part of a friendly match with former team players :

It still seems like skating once a week versus six times! You’re less sharp, let’s say! – Patrice Bergeron

In the same text, we also read that Patrice Bergeron really enjoys being a full-time family man. He loves spending time with his family, and hasn’t always had the opportunity to do so during his career.

All of which is to say that, overall, Patrice Bergeron doesn’t look like a guy who’s ready to get back to the physical side of things, or the family side. He wouldn’t train just once a week on the ice if he really wanted to make a comeback, at least.

If the scenario were to materialize, however…

The Bruins will have to be creative to make room for him on the payroll. The club has just over $2 million in current cap space right now, and the Bruins are expected to be buyers by the deadline because they’re sitting in first place in their division.

All this remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t bet on Bergeron’s return to Boston just yet.

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