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I wouldn’t piss on Dominik Hasek if he was on fire;

These days, when we talk about Dominik Hasek, we do so mainly because of his statements. It’s because he once called, for example, for the suspension of Russian players in the NHL in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Let’s just say that he doesn’t play politics in the same way as Ken Dryden, another legendary NHL goaltender.

But hey. The fact remains that, before becoming a controversial public figure, Hasek was one of the NHL’s great goaltenders. He is recognized as one of the best in his profession.

But it was in the dressing room that he was controversial.

As Matthew Barnaby, who appeared on the “Clearing the Crease” podcast recently, reports, Hasek was by far the best goalie in the NHL, but he was also the worst teammate.

By far.

Although he didn’t give many specific anecdotes to back up his point, Barnaby is adamant that Hasek was a horrible teammate and that he hates him. He recognizes his talent, but says he’s the worst teammate ever.

When you listen to what he says, you realize you’ve got a little gem on your hands. Because yes, during the podcast, you’ll understand that he didn’t shy away from leaving tongue in cheek and speaking from the heart about Hasek, a douchebag in his eyes.

His most shocking line? This one.

I wouldn’t piss on him [Dominik Hasek] if he was on fire. – Matthew Barnaby

I’d be very curious to see concrete examples of what he was doing. After all, to have left such a bad impression with a guy like Barnaby, he must have been intense, Hasek.

So here are two guys not to invite to the same party.

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