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Dana White reportedly offers $13 million to see Georges St-Pierre fight in 2024
As of 2019, Georges St-Pierre is retired. The UFC alumnus was one of the best in history and is recognized as a legend not only in Quebec, but around the world.

It has to be said that GSP, in his prime, was virtually invincible. His 26 wins from 28 fights show that he was tough enough to take on.

One of his most memorable fights was against Nick Diaz. On March 16, 2013, GSP beat Diaz by unanimous decision. In the end, it was one of his last fights.

But just because the Quebecer is retired and in the Hall of Fame doesn’t mean he and Diaz can’t still cross swords.

As St-Pierre recounted a few months ago, the two men were due to clash last December, but injuries to both guys forced the fight to be postponed.

Because yes, in the TSN video, we’re talking about a postponement, not a cancellation. What this means is that the door is obviously still open for what’s to come.

And since GSP misses the adrenalin of the sport, it’s not impossible to believe that, in good health, he could try again to fight Diaz in 2024.

Circumstances had already made it possible to believe in the possibility, but this morning, in his paper of the day, Réjean Tremblay (BPM Sports) also slipped in a word.

According to the journalist, who wrote after speaking to someone close to the fighter, Dana White has made a $13 million offer for Georges St-Pierre to fight Nick Diaz again on December 9.

If GSP was ready to fight in 2023 and Réjean Tremblay brings up the subject again in his paper of the day, it’s because there’s quite possibly an interest in renewing the experience, under the right conditions, next December.

If both men are healthy, we could see the Quebecer back in action for the first time since 2017.

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