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Canadian compares David Reinbacher to Noah Dobson, who already has 43 points this year
As you know, at the last draft, the Habs had a pick in their hands that could change everything. But why?

Because after the top-4 (Connor Bedard, Leo Carlsson, Adam Fantilli and Will Smith), there was a talent gap… or an attitude gap, in the case of Matvei Michkov.

Because the Habs failed to land one of their top-4 talents, they had several options to choose from afterwards. There were plenty of quality guys available to the Habs…

But the club could also trade up.

We know that Yaroslav Askarov was offered to the Habs for the Predators to draft David Reinbacher fifth overall. We know that the Flyers offered Cutter Gauthier to the Habs, who also wanted Reinbacher. The Habs, however, considered Gauthier a fifth-round pick in a weak draft.

We also know that Kent Hughes received numerous calls, and we can assume that several clubs had the intention of drafting Reinbacher.

It’s also worth noting that the Coyotes, who drafted a defenseman sixth overall, were likely intent on drafting Reinbacher should he slip through the cracks.

Anyway. All this to say that the Canadiens drafted a player in demand last June. It’s an important decision for the future of the Montreal Canadiens.

Why? Because if he becomes what he needs to become, the club will be on the move.

I’ve always been one of those people who didn’t see the problem with drafting the best right-handed defenseman of his generation… especially with such potential and such a well-stocked toolbox. After all, a defenseman like that is worth a lot of money. Ask the Flyers what they think. #CutterGauthier #JamieDrysdale

And according to Marc-Antoine Godin and Arpon Basu, who just happened to be in Europe to have a chat with the Habs’ hopeful, on their podcast (The Basu and Godin Notebook), the Habs hold Reinbacher in high esteem.

How highly? So much so that the name of Noah Dobson, the Islanders’ excellent defenseman, is a comparison the Habs use to talk about Reinbacher.

If he were to play in Montreal this season, Noah Dobson would be the club’s leading scorer – by far, considering forward Nick Suzuki’s 35 points. He currently has 43 points in 42 games and should have Norris votes by season’s end.

The 6’4 right-handed defenseman scored 51 and 49 points in his last two seasons. But this year? He’s on another planet. He exploded five years after being drafted, which is not unusual for a defenseman.

The guys on the podcast are right to mention that if any NHL club is itching to get their hands on a Dobson right now, it’s going to be impossible to do so. The 2018 first-round pick can’t be traded right now.

If a club wants a defenseman like that without paying a fortune on the free-agent market (assuming that one day, such a defenseman will be free as a bird), it logically has to draft him. And that’s what the Habs did.

It’s worth noting that Reinbacher didn’t necessarily have the season he’d hoped for, but that the Canadiens’ prospect is learning better and better how to handle the pressure of being a first-round pick in a market like Montreal. That’s no mean feat.

He’s developing in a man’s league and gaining confidence.

I can’t wait to see him finish the season in Laval (because yes, I assume it’s going to happen) and I can’t wait to see if, like Dobson, he’ll be playing in the NHL at the age of just 19.

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