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Leafs fan violently assaulted by security guards
Last night, the Leafs once again squandered a lead and lost the game.

The discontent was felt on the ice, but it wasn’t rosy in the stands either.

A video shows a fan being violently assaulted by security guards.

It’s reminiscent of the event involving George Floyd a few years ago in Minnesota…

Toronto police and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) are currently investigating the case, but according to a fan on the scene, the victim was intoxicated by alcohol and apparently wanted to get through a door reserved for VIP members.

She was also allegedly rude to the guards.

Even if the story is true, there’s no reason to use such violence. The poor man was bleeding and some fans even defended him.

Even the video’s creator gave his explanation on the Reddit platform.

The user by the name ofjaykyuc123 claims that the guy deserved to be intercepted by the guards, but from there to receiving knee blows in the face was too much. Just as the beating started, he started filming.

As another user mentioned, “there’s no reason to use such violence on someone holding a child”.

Now the question is: how much is he going to ask the Leafs organization for in compensation? The man should receive a handsome sum…

Will the security guards keep their jobs?

To be continued.

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