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Janne Niinimaa: former Habs star faces huge legal problems in Finland

Do you remember Janne Niinimaa? We’re talking about a former NHL defenseman who is well known in Montreal for having been involved in the deal that sent Mike Ribeiro to Dallas in 2006.

In the end, he only played 41 games in town… and with Ribeiro having a great time in Dallas following the deal, let’s just say Niinimaa was never the most popular player in town.

Why am I talking about him today? It’s because, at the moment, Niinimaa is in the midst of a rather thorny situation in his native Finland. In fact, he’s been embroiled in a major legal battle back home.

As reported by Finnish media IS(and picked up by Le Journal de Montréal), Niinimaa is currently embroiled in a legal battle over tax evasion.

And there’s even talk of a possible prison sentence in his case.

What you need to know is that the former defender is being accused of not paying taxes on a sum of 55,000 euros in 2019 with the aim of tax evasion.

Niinimaa denies everything, and was not present in court to testify yesterday. That said, he could face a prison sentence, while the prosecutor is proposing a five-month suspended sentence.

We’ll see how the case develops.

It’s also interesting to note that the two players involved in the transaction, Niinimaa and Ribeiro, have both been in trouble with the law for a number of years. In the case of the Quebecer, it should be remembered that accusations of attempted sexual assault surfaced in the last year.

It’s a real shame to see that, in both cases.

This will be a story to follow in Finland, but if Niinimaa did indeed commit tax evasion, let’s hope justice will be served.

Because in the end, that’s the most important thing.

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