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In 2024, I want to see Lane Hutson play (a lot of) games in Montreal

Lane Hutson is undoubtedly the most intriguing prospect in the Canadiens’ roster. The diminutive defenseman has been flying around the NCAA for the past year and a half(just yesterday, he was dominant in his return from the WJC), and there are a ton of Tricolore fans who can’t wait to see him in action in the pros.

Because after watching him play so many spectacular games, it’s hard not to be excited by the idea of seeing him play in Montreal soon.

For many, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that the little defenseman will make the jump to the pros at the end of this season. After all, he has nothing left to prove in the NCAA, and as I said last week, he needs to play in the NHL to get up to speed.

But wait before you assume that Hutson is guaranteed to play professionally by the end of this season.

Inan interview with Grant McCagg and Shayne Gaumond for the Recrutes Draftcast, Hutson was asked about his plans at the end of his NCAA season… and while he’d love to turn pro, he admits he’d be willing to spend another season in the NCAA.

Hutson says he feels ready to turn pro, but he’s also aware that he’d have the chance to play with his two brothers, Quinn and Cole, if he were to return to Boston University next season. Remember that Quinn is his older brother and Cole is younger, so he should be selected in the first round of the next draft.

Hutson doesn ‘t look like a guy who’s about to make a Cutter Gauthier-style move. The defenseman seems to really want to play in Montreal (he was wearing a Habs jersey when he was interviewed) and he already sees himself enjoying long-term success alongside David Reinbacher in a Habs uniform.

Chemistry seems to have clicked between the two guys, both on and off the ice.

I still think we should expect Hutson to turn pro at the end of his NCAA season, but at least the kid seems open to a return to the college circuit if the Habs opt for that option.

In the same interview, which I’m reposting HERE if you’d like to listen to it in its entirety, Hutson praises Filip Mesar’s great progress over the past year, admits he’d like Macklin Celebrini to join him in Montreal and admits he loved rubbing shoulders with Jacob Fowler at the last WJC.

I really recommend listening.

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