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Joshua Roy falls ill as Montreal recall looms
It seems like a long time since we talked about Patrick Roy. No?

The latest news is that Casseau has confirmed that he will be taking some time off this winter to get some rest

And apparently, that was his original plan, because he “has reportedly received two offers from Western teams to make a return to the NHL”, according to an article in TVA Sports.

Ray Cloutier reported the news on Dupont le matin (FM93):

It’s a lot harder to travel in the West than in the East. In Denver, there was jet lag very, very often. [He’d already told me that, and I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s less interested. – Ray Cloutier

It’s surprising in a way, because we all know how much Patrick Roy would love to have the opportunity to get back behind an NHL bench one of these days.

It didn’t end well for him in Colorado, and right now, he doesn’t have the best image in the NHL. Much has been written about his departure from the Avalanche because of what we know today… And he certainly wants to remedy the situation.

I really wonder which teams we’re talking about here, though. Has he received an offer to manage a club, or has he been approached to be an assistant coach?

Patrick Roy’s name may be controversial, but it’s hard to believe he’ll never be able to make a comeback because his experience speaks for itself.

After all, he led the Quebec Remparts to the Memorial Cup title last year… and that alone says a lot.

In a gust

– Really?

– I’m happy for him.

– Big news in the world of American college football.

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