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Corey Perry: Gary Bettman gives him the right to return to the NHL

A few weeks ago, Corey Perry was all over the NHL news. The forward had left the Blackhawks’ entourage for mysterious reasons, and although wild speculation was rife, it was unclear what the real reason for his departure was.

On the one hand, Kyle Davidson said it was a team decision, while Perry’s agent spoke of the player’s personal decision. It was becoming difficult to make sense of it all.

But in the days that followed, we were treated to some clarity: Perry’s contract was terminated by the Blackhawks, and listening to Kyle Davidson speak, we sensed that the reasons were serious.

It sounded like an “Ime Udoka” incident involving someone who works for the Blackhawks.

And now, according to Elliotte Friedman, Perry met Gary Bettman yesterday and the latter has granted him permission to return to the game.

More details to come…

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